Filipino Basketball League in San Antonio


Filipino Basketball League of San Antonio
Rules and Regulations

1.    NCAA rules will apply except as noted.
a.    Players MUST have minimum 1/4 Filipino ethnicity.  No limit in how many Filipinos can play at
game time.
b.    Southeast  Asian  is  allowed,  including  Chinese,  Japanese  &  Korean.  All  players  must
 be minimum  ½  (Chinese,  Japanese,  Korean,  Vietnamese,  Thailand,  Malaysian,  Cambodian,
Guamanian, etc.)
c.    2 Southeast Asian players and only one player over (6’-0”) can play at a time during game.
d.    Sufficient  proof  such  as  birth  certificate  and  driver  license   must  be  submitted. 
   Original documentation will be required. Illegible copies will not be accepted.   The burden of
proof is on the team to prove your player’s ethnicity.
e.    Even though the player  can speak the language or born in the Country it does not  mean
their ethnicity is Filipino/Southeast Asian.
f.     Any player who does not comply with the above requirements will not be allowed to play.
g.    Team must submit new players’ identification (photocopy will be accepted) ONE WEEK before the
start of the league.  New Players identification must bring the original copy at the start of the
league. Please see Appendix A for Guidelines of Proving Ethnicity.
h.    All  new  players  (including  Filipinos)  on  the  league  must  show  proof  of  ethnicity.
   If  birth certificate does not show ethnicity, the player  relatives (Parents or  Grandparents) 
could  provide proof of Ethnicity as well. No verbal proof is acceptable.  Final decision is from
the committee.
i.     New players will be check for ethnicity  whether it’s someone’s relative (Parents,
Grandparents, Uncle, Aunt, Brother, Friends and etc),
j.     The last day for new players to show original documents proof of ethnicity will be on the
3rd game or team 3rd game of the League.   The committee will designate what time on the 3rd league
 game  to  show  up  with  proof.     If  a  new  player  failed  to  provide  the  proper
documentation to the committee and he plays in the first game, the team will forfeit Game 1.
k.    New  players  must  play  within  the  first  3  league  games/team  3rd  game  or  they 
cannot participate in the league.
a.    Each team can have a maximum of 15 players per team plus the coaches.
b.    No person is allowed in the bench who is not designated as a coach or player. Everyone in the
bench must have uniforms except for the coach. This is an automatic technical.
c.    Final Team Roster must be submitted a WEEK before the start of the league.   There will be no
replacement players once the  first games of the league begin. Please see  Appendix B  for Team
Roster Form.
d.    Line ups must be submitted to the scorekeeper ten (10) minutes prior to game time. If a team
does not turn in the scorebook (complete name, number & team name), it will be given an automatic
technical foul and  the opposing team  will be awarded  two  free throws.   If a team thinks that
it cannot produce a score sheet card prior to its game, the team must notify the league committee
or pay the league $5 for score sheet preparation.
a.   It is required that members of all teams have Jerseys or reversable  jersey (preferred) of
different color, with six (6) inch numbers on front and back.  Short pockets are allowed.
b.   Players cannot play without a uniform and must match whether it is dark or bright with
c.   Number greater than any double digit as well as special characters such punctuation marks or
any other characters (i.e. @, #, $, %, &, etc) are prohibited from being represented as jersey
d.   Permanent  numbers  front and  back.   A PLAYER CANNOT  PLAY IF HE  HAS NO JERSEYS NUMBERS.
e.   No Jewelries, bandanas or any other personal accessories are allowed to be worn during the
a.    Game consists of two 20-minute halves

b.    During Regular Games, Game Clock will only stop final 2 minutes of the 2nd half; occurrence
of an injury and Officials time out.  During the play-offs, Game Clock will stop on time-outs,
final 2 minutes of the 2nd half; occurrence of an injury and Officials time out.
c.    Clock will not stop on the final 2 minute, if a team has a 20 point lead.
d.    Clock will not stop on the final 1 minute, if a team has a 15 point lead.
e.    During game play in which the losing team are committing excessive fouls in the final seconds
and does not have a chance to catch up, the referee or the committee can call the game over.
f.     Each team is allowed 2 timeouts per half and only 1 timeout can be carried to the next half
if both timeouts in the first half were not used.   No timeout can be carried over on overtime,
each team will be given 1 timeout.
g.    If the team does not have a timeout, the team is given a technical foul.
h.    Last  2  minutes  of  the  game,  the  team  can  call  a  timeout  and  either  team  has 
the  option  of inbounding the ball at mid court.
i.     When a free throw is not successful and the ball is to remain live, the game clock starts
when the ball  is  legally  touched  by or  touches  a  player  on  the  playing  court.  (Final  2
 minutes  or  time  is suspended).  This is the same in an inbound play.
j.     The team fans or other fans are not allowed to sit behind the bench of the teams playing. 
The only persons allowed are the players and coaches.   This is an automatic Technical (Coaches  or
team captain is responsible to abide by this rules).
k.    Players must play a minimum of 3 games in order to be eligible to play in the playoffs.
a.    Any team failing to appear 7 minutes after the game starts or have less than four (4) players
for league play. Opposing team gets 2 pts.
b.    If an ineligible player is found to have participated.
c.    If a player is ejected and does not leave the gym within one (1) minute.
a.    Playoff seeding is based on the best record.
b.    If there are two teams tied with the same record, the head-to-head between the two teams will
be considered.
c.    If there are more than 2 teams tied with the same record, the head to head system will be
reviewed first followed by the point system.  Points are only counted between the teams that are
tied and not the whole league play.
a.    First overtime will be a 2-minute running time for league games.  There will be jump ball.
b.    Second overtime will be sudden death for league games.  There will be jump ball and first
team to score wins game.
c.    Playoffs:  The first overtime will have a 3-minute game time to be played to determine the
winner. Succeeding overtimes will only have 2-minutes to play.
d.    No timeout carries over and both teams get one timeout.
e.    Playoff-Clock will stop on time out, final 1 minute and Official time out.
a.    Members of the committee can approach the team coach during game time to warn them to control
the team or a player.  It is the responsibility of the coach to tell the team or player to cool
b.    Physical  or  verbal  threats  or  excessive  profanity  directed  towards  officials  or 
opposing  team member. (Suspension/ discretion of committee for permanent disqualification from
c.    Players and coaches who leave the bench to get involved in any heated arguments or fighting
in the court will be suspended.
d.    Fighting will not be tolerated; any player or coach who gets involve in a fracas will be
suspended for the rest of the League and the consecutive years of the League.
e.    A player with a second (2) suspension will not be allowed to play the rest of the League.
f.     The  commissioner  or  members  of  committee  will  be  watching  for  player  or  Coaches 
who  is abusive verbally, shows excessive profanity or physically tries to hurt a player.  They
will bring it up to the committee and decide whether to give warning, suspend for one (1) game or
remainder of the League and the consecutive year league.
g.    If a player is ejected in the game due to either unsportsmanlike conduct (after obtaining 2
technical fouls) or any other reason, he is automatically suspended in the next game and has to pay
a fine of

10.00 to the League.  He won’t be allowed to play again after his suspension unless he pays the
fine. (See rule 7. Disqualified for other unsportsmanlike conduct).
a.    Offended team will be awarded with 2 free throws and ball possession will be based at the
point of interruption.    The  technical  foul  free  throws  will  be  administer  first  prior 
to  another  call.    An exception to this rule will be enforced on flagrant fouls.  On Flagrant
fouls, the offended team will get 2 free throws plus ball possession.
b.    Any player who is called for a second technical foul will be ejected from the game and has to
leave the premises of the gym. He has one (1) minute to leave the gym.
c.    Referee has Final Decision.
d.    Any abusive verbal comments or profanity directed towards any officials is an automatic
Technical Foul.   Any player who touches a referee which resulted from a call will be automatically
assessed with a Technical Foul.

a. Team designated to be the committee for the week that does not show up or stay for all games,
will be suspended for the next games and a fine of $20.00.
b.  No show up on game time, the team cannot play the next game until a fine of $20.00 is paid.
c.   Teams needs to show up for all league meetings or a fine for $10.
d.   Teams that  will advance to  the Final  Four  will have to  pay additional referee fees so 
that the 3rd place and championship games will have three (3) officials.
e. New  players  must  play  two  seasons  for  the  team.   Except  if  the  team  does  not 
exist  for  the  next season.
f. A team cannot pick up more than one player from an opposing team.  Except with the permission of
the representative of the opposing team.
g.   Cannot have more than 3 out of town players per team.
h. Referee,  Commissioner,  or  Committee  can  call  a  player  from  play  and  sit  for  (3) 
minutes  for misconduct.
i. Misconduct of coaches or players to referees or league and will be suspended from the next game
and pay a fine of $20.  For the second misconduct the coaches or players will be ban from league
for one year or indefinitely.
j. NO PROFANITY will be allowed in any games. The referee will have an option to give a warning or
an automatic technical to a player or coach.   The opposing team will be awarded with 2 free throws
and ball possession will be based at the point of interruption.
k. The  committee  of  the  day  or  the  commissioner  of  the  day  can  give  a  warning  or  an
 automatic technical foul for any profanity shown during the game.

A.   New players participating in the Filipino Basketball League MUST bring the items listed below
in order to prove their ethnicity:
•     For Natural born Filipinos and Naturalized American:
•     Driver’s License
•     Birth Certificate
•     Passport
•     Approved Report of Birth from Philippine Consul (For American citizen born to both Filipino
•     Provide families pictures and answer question of the person validating ethnicity.
B.    For ½ Filipinos
•     Driver’s License
•     Birth Certificate showing one of the parents being Filipino or
•     Marriage License of Parents which shows either parents being Filipino.
•     Provide families pictures and answer question of the person validating ethnicity.
C.    For ¼ Filipinos
•     Driver’s License
•     Birth Certificate showing one of the parents being ½ Filipino or
•     Marriage License of grandparents which shows either grandparents being Filipino.
•     Provide families pictures and answer question of the person validating ethnicity.

D.   For any Asian and Naturalized American:
•     Please B above.

Committee validation of ethnicity of the player is final.